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Multiplier event Erasmus+ project ESITL

On June 15, 2023, an event on the Erasmus+ ESITL project took place at the vocational educational school KS1 in Stuttgart. As a partner of the project manager NetInvet, KS1 was significantly involved in the Erasmus+ project.

The Kaufmännische Schule 1 as one of the partners of the project, informed about the project process, the contents and the results of the Erasmus+ project. More than 35 participants from a wide variety of organizations came to learn about the project - e.g. to inform a joint work on a transnational training plan for the training courses " Transport and Logistics Operational Manager" and " International Trade Operational Manager".
If you want more information about the project, we would be happy to refer you to the information about the project of the KS1 and to NETINVENT.

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